Neon Psalms

The setting of this off beat play is an isolated trailer near Boron, California: site of the world's largest open pit Borax mine.  A fragile truce between Luton Mears, a retired heavy equipment operator, and his born again wife Patina is disrupted by the unexpected arrival of their daughter Barbara, a divorcee in her thirties. Lost and bottomed out, she moves home just to get back on her feet and finds herself trapped in a comic but progressively brutal cross fire between Luton who wants her to stay and Patina who wants her to go.  This wasteland receives a blast of hilariously fresh air from the propane deliveryman, Ray, who describes a bizarre but strangely comforting future. The play asks: Is there a substitute for the love of another human being, and if so, what are the consequences of that substitution?


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